The life and adventures of Xavier our mascot of the Wake Forest Wings

After winning the chapter mascot of the year at the GWRRA NC District rally at Wings Over The Smokies in 2011, our little mascot went missing for some time, as he was taken by the District team to tour for a year or so with those kind folks. However, after he came back to the chapter, Xavier needed a long rest so he took off for a tour on his own.

However, we decided that we really missed Xavier but he was lost somewhere and we had to conduct an all out search and rescue for him.
We found the bum partying his butt off in New York City, somewhere on 42nd street! He ran into a bunch of biker dudes and they told him he had to remove all the Gold Wing patches if he wanted to party with them! So, since he thought the chapter gave up looking for him, he considered the options and allowed the patches to be removed from his hat and vest. If he didn’t do this, he’d be in for a flogging from those biker dudes. Xavier said that those biker dudes and gals had one hell of a party burning those patches. It made him cry to see this as he remembered all the great times he had with NC-X and traveling all over the country, not only with NC-X, but when he won the District contest, with the District director.

After removing the patches, the biker crowd cheered him on and gave him a new biker name “HOG-Dog” (since he really is an English bulldog), which he hated but accepted this new name considering all the fun he would have with the biker dudes and the bitches the biker dudes introduced to him. So he began his life of partying ecstasy and has been doing so for the past 2 ½ years!

Well now the poor boy is burned out and had been seeking refuge. I found him living with a hot blonde by the name of Debi (nickname “Pink Angel”) who lost her old man in 2012 to Pancreatic Cancer and she was bummed out lonely until Xavier showed up in 2013. Debi found Xavier “sleeping one off” behind a trash can in Grand Central Station. When she got him home and sobered him up, he said the last thing he remembered was climbing on board a north-bound train from Raleigh with some hot gal who showed him a bottle of Jack Daniels and said if he drank “some” he’d be able to sleep on the train. Well this being his first time with ingesting “spirits”, he didn’t know when to stop and ended drinking himself into a blind stupor. He’s guessing the conductor thought he was just a stuffed animal and kicked him off the train in New York. Apparently the kick sent him flying through the air and landed him near the trash can, which is where Pink Angel (Debi) found him.

So after 2 ½ years of partying, Xavier asked Pink Angel to advertise his existence with hopes that he could find his NC-X family again. I have had an Internet search going on for him ever since we lost him in 2013. Well this morning, my searching engines finally found him but it was a little hard to tell it was him without his patches. The only issue was figuring out how to get him home, so I bargained with Pink Angel and for the mere cost of $13.75 in travel costs, he is on his trip back home. Pink Angel asked for me to make sure the chapter takes better care of him in the future. I gave her my word that we would do just that!

Now that we’ve found him and rescued him from a life of partying every day, Xavier said he needs a break and can’t wait to rejoin his previous life with NC-X and kick back and relax and finally get some sleep! He stated that he is begging to have the NC-X and GWRRA logo patches sewn back onto his hat.

So he is supposed to arrive here at my place on Tuesday, February 16th. When he gets here, I’ll clean him up, but he will need patches and they’ll need to be resewn onto his garments. I’m sure sister Sandi can handle this. I will also advise him that in the future, to watch out for good looking women toting a bottle of Jack Daniels, but I believe after his experience the last 2 ½ years, he has learned his lesson! Still the same, I feel I will have a heart-to-heart with him as he has always been near and dear to my heart when he was introduced to the chapter several years ago. Many of the newer members in the chapter never met Xavier, but I know when they do, they’ll fall in love with him and those chapter members that were here when Xavier became part of this chapter will undoubtedly be very happy to see him again as he was lost, but not forgotten. Welcome back, Xavier!

Picture of Pink Angel and her old man long before the “Big-C” got him:

Picture of Xavier with his GWRRA patches removed and getting ready to leave Pink Angels place for the long trip back home to the Wake Forest Wings:
Xavier with all his patches reinstalled:

Xavier music video:


May 8, 2016: Xavier – We had a great time riding to Bear Creek to visit the Southern Supreme Fruit Cake factory and have lunch the Rufus restaurant. While at the Fruit cake factory Xavier met a family of bears, rode a train, climbed to the top of a lighthouse and took a rest on the bench. Oh and he met a fox at Capitol Powersports. Debra Lawler