Motorcycle Support Vehicle

You’ve been asked by your favorite motorcycle chapter or club to help police a fund-raising bicycle event and are now wondering what you should do and how you need to support such an event.

For years, I have personally witnessed and supported these events and I have seen some confusion among motorcyclists who want to help to the best of their ability, but often there is little direction given to the motorcyclists and often there is a lack of communications between the motorcyclists and the event coordinators.

​Therefore, we assembled a short two-page Motorcycle Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that can be used by motorcyclists providing support for these events. This SOP was developed using the input of experienced event support personnel such as the amateur radio community who routinely provide communications for these events as well as many years of trial and error, field-tested development. The final result here is to achieve the goal that we will all have a safer, productive support model as well as allow all to better understand their role as a Motorcycle Support Vehicle (MSV).  Simply click this button to view the SOP.   

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GWRRA Officers Manual: